Strengthen the body and the immunsystem with
a floating spa-experience.

See the fire dancing in the furnace and the steam clashing with cold air.
Let the heat reach all the way to the bones before you throw yourself into the cold water
five steps away..

You can´t get any closer to a refreshing dip in the blue
than when floating with a view over the river
on our sauna terrace in central Halmstad.

With space for 6 people in a classic wood fired Finnish sauna
on powerful and resilient pontoons,
the Sauna Raft is an epic choice.

For the party, wedding or team building day,
or just because life is amazing sometimes.

Take winterswimming to the next level,

Rent the floating sauna for 350 SEK / hour

(Firewood and pre-heating is included)


För bokning eller frågor kontakta oss HÄR
eller ring oss på +46769489617