Learn to paddle!

Wether you are totally new to the art of floating peacefully on water
or simply need a refresher, there is a place for you.

We offer both introductory and advanced courses
for those who want to grow more confident and safe on the water.

We share techniques, tricks and safety
procedures in a pedagogic way, while paddling calmly.

Introductions to kayaking is offered in beautiful Simlångsdalen and
along Halmstads beaches, depending on weather and wind.

Beginner 950 SEK
Continuation 950 SEK


In the wild pantry!

The swedish westcoast has plenty of treasures for the curious.
Learn to find the flavours of the wild.

Come along for a peaceful trip through the forest in the name of food.
Every season has its own delicacy for those who want a taste of the free.

We can make it a slow stroll through the ancient forest,
picking berries, wild herbs and mushrooms.
Or we could take it to the coast, and explore edible bounty
right under our feet.

There´s plenty to smell and plenty to taste when the summer is upon us.
So give us a call, and lets find the treasures of your choice.


Cooking workshop in the wild!

In an attempt to share ideas and erase the boundaries between
clients and friends, we cook together in beatiful places.

Along the coast, we harvest kelp from kayaks
and prepare it on the fire among the rocks.

The worlds healthiest source of protein and vitamins grow
right infront of our eyes, and they are delicious!

Bring your own favorits, catch a makrell or pick some mushrooms.
It's free for all to add and choose how it all goes down!

Cooking has no rules!

It's all about understanding the balance of the flavours, and daring to try.

With many years of experience as a chef, and as a wild professional forager,
I am eager to share some tricks around the fire.
In a simple, healthy and luxurious way.

Come along outdoors, and meet nature in a calm and relaxed setting.
Together we grow the most, and no place is better to share than by the fire.

Get in touch, and lets invent a beautiful memory!


For booking of questions, contact us HERE
or give us a call on +46769489617