Meet nature from a kayak!

Leave your car and let us take care of the rest.

Rent kayaks from us, or bring your own.
We build campsites and organize food by the fire and
night-camps under the stars for those who wants to get real close to the wild.

We can also see to that you can bring comforts
that normally doesn´t fit in a kayak by placing wine, cheese and luxury in beautiful locations.
Paddle coast, or down the river, and enjoy stress-free adventures where you land in style to the perfect summer evening!
Let us handle the rest.

In our modern 4x4 transporter and kayak trailer, we can fit up to 8 passengers with kayakes and gear and luggage.
Wean deliver, pick up and drop off in all of Halland, and know all the secret spots that you need to see.

Contact us for ideas and suggestions.


Discover the rivers of Halland

Float your way into Halmstad on beautiful Nissan
where time stands still, while the current does all the work.

Or release your imagination and explore islands and
secret bays in the idyllic lakes of Hjörnered.

From Fylleån we reach all the way into the ocean to see
the sun set over the western beaches and white strips of the coast. Why not combine a tour on E-mountainbikes over the wavy landscape of Sennan and Oskarström only to end up floating calmly along the river towards centrala Halmstad as the evening closes in.

Bikes are rented, picked up and delivered by: Mountainbiking Halmstad

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Explore the treasures of the coast

Start in Nissan river and paddle out along the beautiful beaches of Halmsatd

Bring your lunch and take the ocean to the beach
to find your very own place in the sun.

For a shorter route, you launch the kayaks in Grötvik
paddle around the tip of Thieves bay to reachbeautiful Tylösand.

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Paddle to a wood fired sauna where the river meets the ocean

A peaceful paddle along the coast or the Nissan river
takes you to a treasure for those who long for relaxing.

A quiet paddle along lush riversides
take you to a wood fired sauna by the edge of the sea.

Light the barbeque in the evening air. Live, breathe and float slowly back to the world outside whenever you are ready.

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Find the timeless peace of the summer at the island Tylön

Straight into the ocean from iconic Tylösand lies the island Tylön

With kayaks, you easily reach the protected area
where time has stood still.

Why not see the sun set over Kattegatt
from a peaceful rock where only seabirds go.

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Ps. Tylön island is a bird sanctuary,
and is therefore off-limits between april- mid july.


For booking of questions, contact us HERE
or give us a call on +46769489617